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Why You Need An Analytics Platform

Smarter platform.
Better decisions.

Every business succeeds or fails based on decisions made across the organization every day. To become a data-driven organization, you need more than overhyped productivity tools and analytic engines. Embark on your own analytics journey with BI Office Version 6.

Meet BI Office

BI Office Version 6 advances this approach, offering a breadth of capabilities that simplify the complex and enable the enterprise to collaboratively solve difficult problems and make better decisions.

Embark on your own analytics journey with BI Office

Become a data-driven organization with a complete analytics platform that is defined by four key attributes.



You can’t manage 100,000 users if you can’t easily manage one. Organizations need a shared repository-based platform that treats your business rules and data models as separate, independently reusable items. As a true analytics platform, BI Office is the most complete, scalable self-service solution in the marketplace.



Why use exciting data visuals if they don’t give you the right answer? Organizations need tools that allow them to solve hard questions. In addition to providing advanced visualizations, BI Office backs it up with what-if analyses, advanced filtering, drill downs, predictive analytics, one-click statistics, smarter KPIs, guided analytics, and more.



How do you forecast next year’s sales if you’re not a data scientist? Organizations are successful when all of their decision makers have access to information normally dependent on complicated and sophisticated tools. BI Office makes deep, advanced analytics available to everyone.



What good is data without context? Decision-makers need to share context as well as content. From business rules and threaded conversations to data models and content ratings, BI Office makes sharing analytics and context simple – while enabling access to the right audiences with enterprise grade, role-based security.

Transform into a
data-driven organization

Download a free 30 day trial and experience what BI Office Version 6 can do for you. Our fully functional free trial enables you to analyze and share in minutes. Find out why BI Office is right for your enterprise.

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