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Maximize your Microsoft BI investment with BI Office

Microsoft SQL Server has been a leader in enterprise BI infrastructure for over a decade. It has proven to be a top performing and ubiquitous presence in organizations across the globe. However, easily surfacing the power to create data-driven organizations has been a challenge. Frequently, users have limited access to capabilities due to the complexity involved in creating queries or the inability to share content across individuals and groups.


Power BI Desktop export to BI Office

Microsoft and Pyramid Analytics have come together to leverage the personal productivity capabilities of Power BI Desktop to enable an integrated, secure, and governed enterprise solution with BI Office Version 6.1.The result is an end-to-end, integrated analytics workflow that transforms organizations into data-driven organization


Use the best of all worlds

View data from cubes, in-memory models, or even third-party web assets such as Reporting Services together in one place.  Drive all of this content from multiple filters that integrate the content you create and get the answers you need quickly and easily.


Enterprise support for SQL Server BI

BI Office provides best-in-class support of Microsoft BI cubes and in-memory models. Data models are optimized to take advantage of performance and navigation options these technologies provide. BI Office supports drill-through, actions, dynamic hierarchies, and translations.


A single mobile solution

When you create a view, dashboard, or narrative report in BI Office, it is immediately available for consumption on your mobile device. The mobile experience is fully interactive with drill down, drill-through, and print options.


Simplifying advanced queries

Creating custom script (MDX or DAX) can be difficult, especially for the average user. BI Office provides an extensive array of wizards to create KPIs, custom sets, custom members, parameterization, and time calculations. Saving these items as rules by secured group allows for reuse across the organization.


Microsoft Open R made Easy

Using R is as simple as a few clicks of a button.  There’s no need to download R to your desktop to do your work. Merely use a step-through wizard and, if need be, modify R scripts within BI Office itself. Then save the model for reuse by designated groups.


"Pyramid offers a turnkey enterprise analytics solution that makes it easy to self-serve and share trusted BI content."

- Amir Netz
Microsoft Technical Fellow,
Business Intelligence

Transform into a
data-driven organization

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